The pride one :)

June, 29th 2012
Aahh, Soooo happy, heheheheh
Uhm.. a several day ago I follow an event from Samsung Live. Samsung Live like a media for all of Samsung subsidiaries in the world.. Theme was a touching and inspiring story, and the present is SGS3 for first place and MV 800 camera for second place.
and I try to create one.

Refresh Project GWP SW R&D

Long time no see :)
Need high effort to write something to my blog, uhh just going lazy coz a little busy. hehe
But, I do miss my blog really. I have much thing to be written here. But for this time I wanna share about my outbound activities with my department in my work place. really fun. sure!!

my 22

Alhamdulillah ya Rabb.. Thank You sooo muchh God, You still give me Your help, Your love to continue this live. I can't said anything just Allahu Akbar.

chocolate cake :)
Thanks to my dear which gave me those present. I'd love to eat those cake, I do love you way to made me cry a long night. I do love u so much.
And then big thanks to all of my friends. Sorry maybe I can't upload all of your card and also from twitter and I didn't reply all of your message on phone. Just big thanks from me. big hug :*


Annoying Guy :)

Uhh.. You are so annoying. A guy whose a simple attitude but a huge solidarity. You always disturb my heart and my brain. I miss you so much :*

I love ur smile, kiddo :)

like it :p

I miss how well you treat me. I miss how warm you hug me. I miss how deep you kiss me. I miss you just the way you are.

whatta sincerely :*