The pride one :)

June, 29th 2012
Aahh, Soooo happy, heheheheh
Uhm.. a several day ago I follow an event from Samsung Live. Samsung Live like a media for all of Samsung subsidiaries in the world.. Theme was a touching and inspiring story, and the present is SGS3 for first place and MV 800 camera for second place.
and I try to create one.

Uhh.. Im so happy when I see the announcement and receive an email from Samsung Live. MV 800 Camera. The beauty one. Though I cant get SGS3, but I feel so proud, coz from this event, I found a lot of new friends from the other country. From Filiphina, India, Vietnam, Some from Europe. Uhh. Im very happy. Thanks Samsung thanks everyone ^^

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    keren2 kak, aku sukaaaa tulisan2 kakak. Doain semoga aku bisa kerja di perusahaan itu juga ya. Aamiin


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