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Long time no see :)
Need high effort to write something to my blog, uhh just going lazy coz a little busy. hehe
But, I do miss my blog really. I have much thing to be written here. But for this time I wanna share about my outbound activities with my department in my work place. really fun. sure!!

Afternoon. Villa Istana Bunga. Kalitus Outbound. Lembang. Bandung.

Everything gonna sooooo fuuunnnnn.... :))

Uhh.. Ikan Piranha. mas Alief just give those name to our team.. ahahahah
For the first game we lose tough it all 'bout water, why? hahahha. But for the next game we totally win.

guli guli guli guli ram pam pam.. ram pam pam...
loud laugh.. totally fun...
Speechless. I don't know what else I must write here. 
I just say it's FUN!!!!!
So much FUN!!!!

work fun :))

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