miss my father so much!!

It was a long time didn't meet my father. One year. Two year maybe. And this habit has been going on since I was in junior high school. So disappointed. I don't have any photos of him. I can imagine him just in my mind, can't I? So embarrassing for me. Am I a naughty child? But, I always miss him. I always love him. I love him very much. For real, where is him? When I need him to be my father which hold me in my sleep tight. Where is him? When I am truly wanna hold his hand. I just need him near me. I just wanna him beside me always. I only wish that he always hear my little story. Where are you my father?

One day, I've an online chatting with someone. He is a new person that I know from my work place. But, His work place is far away. Netherlands. He is Mr. William Satriaputra de Weerd, MBA and I just call him "Pak Wil". He work in Samsung Electronics Europe, but he is Indonesian. And I proud to know him. He is very kind person. He inspiring me to be better. He always give me a lot of motivation to keep moving. And he just like my father. He is my new father. A lot of thanks to you sir. You have been give a lot of spirit to me. Truly you just like my father. I hope you can be my father. Maybe someone like him that I need. A father that always give spirit to his children, give a notice, and sometimes give a warning. Am I wrong? Am I bad daughter for my father? I just need a father. I miss my father so much.!!


  1. Dear Ayu,

    I am honoured to be recognised in this way as father. It's a complete surprise. My parents demonstrated the importance of motivating and inspiring their children.

    I'm fortunate that this was instilled in me.

    Just do the best in everything and let God takes the rest. Insya Allah.


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