December Update

Assalamu'alaikum dear blogger.
It was a late update in this month but truly I just wanna make one post in the end of this year. Really sorry, I get sick and have to bed rest for 4 days in my boarding home. This post I wont write much word, I just make a simple post about wishes and resolutions.
Every people talk about resolution. About December wishes, dreams come true and some lack of action. So bad. And how 'bout my resolution? What about my dreams over this year. Is it come true? Of course I have so many dreams and wishes for next year.
Uhh, so much thing happen over this year. Happiness, sadness, disappointed, anger, reward. So much unpredictable moment comes to my life. I just grateful with it. Its happen because God want it happen to my life. I will not angry to my God 'coz my wishes cannot be real, my dreams still stay away from me. Dont you think I'm not disappointed with it. I just want everything gonna be okay. I still play this game and Im not a looser. I just cannot reach my dreams yet. I learn a lot of from my life. How to solve some problem, how to share another life with the others. Just give everything to God, and do grateful. Believe me.
About resolution and wishes, I wont write them in here. It just about me and my life. It just how I make them happen in my life. I just do dreaming, make them happen. And for the rest, I'll come to my God, Allah.

By the way, in my rest while I get sick for 4 days. I do something weird. Coloring my face. Lets see :)

do not laugh, please... XD

Happy New Year :)
Simply MakeUp to coloring my face :p
Hijab: House of Gendhis
Camera: Samsung MV800-Smart Auto setting
Editing: Photo Grid and Pixlr Express for Android

Thats all.
I hope you guys always do the best for your life. Do it when you believe in it.
Happy New Year guys :)

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